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Name: Lunar New Year Legendary
Price: 34.00 USD

Purchasing this item will give you 1 Legendary Lunar New Year Texture Token in-game. You may use it to redeem any Lunar New Year-textured Legendary Pixelmon of your choice with 6 perfect stat IVs (100% stats). You get an Ability Change Token and 4 Move Tutor Tokens with your purchase.

Use the token in-game with the command "/token Easter "", where " is the name of the Pixelmon you want. For example, "/token LunarLegendary Magearna".

NOTE #1: You MUST have our official Hallowed Textures Resource Pack installed to view these textures in your game.

NOTE #2: Not all Pixelmon have textured variants. Please check our Gallery to see a full list of textured Pixelmon before purchasing.

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