Players Online
Name: Shiny Pixelmon Plushie Token
Price: 4.00 USD

Purchasing this item will give you 1 Shiny Pixelmon Plushie Token in-game. You can redeem it in-game to get any Shiny Pixelmon of your choice as a Plushie/Statue in-game. Pixelmon Plushies can be placed on any claim you own and only you can pick them up. You pick them up by pressing the crouch button (SHIFT by default), plus RIGHT-CLICK.

To claim your Plushie in-game, use the command "/Token shinyplushie "", where " is the name of the Pixelmon you want to redeem.

Shiny Plushie may be changed to its Hallowed Textured variant by contacting an Administrator upon redemption!

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