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Name: Monthly Supporter Rank
Price: 10.00 USD

The Supporter Rank is a rank that you purchase monthly to get command permissions, a rank, and 3 Textured Pixelmon for a price of $10 per month (not including discounts).

Each perk you receive from this rank, minus the kit items and Pixelmon, are available for you to use for the entire duration of the month. Once 31 days are up from your purchase, the rank expires and you will lose access to its commands/permissions unless you renew it.

If you purchase this rank again before or after it expires, you will be given 31 more days with the perks and access to the next month's kit when the cooldown is over (not immediately).

This rank can stack with other donation ranks.

The following is a list of things you receive for buying this rank:

Supporter rank in-game, on Discord, and on the forums[/color]


/sethome x8

/hat (wear any item as your hat)

/enderchest (opens your enderchest)

/phatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)

/fly (fly around without Pixelmon)

/pokeheal (heal your Pixelmon instantly)

/repair (repair your vanilla Minecraft items for free)

/movelist (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's level-up and Egg moves)

/tms (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's TM & TR moves)

/PC (access your pixelmon PC from anywhere)

Kits (NOTE: Make sure your inventory is clear when using a kit!)

Kit Supporter (redeemable once per month | Textured Pixelmon also change once per month)

3 6IV Custom Textured Pixelmon (different each month; list in #changelogs on our Discord server)

1 Legendary Crate Key

Check #changelogs in our Discord server for the most up to date news on the Supporter rank!

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