Players Online
Name: Legendary Trainer Rank
Price: 200.00 USD

LegendaryTrainer rank in-game, on Discord, and on the forums

By purchasing this rank you are greatly helping to support the development of new features and projects of Hallowed Fantasy for everyone to enjoy!


/sethome x30

/hat (wear any item as your hat)

/enderchest (opens your enderchest)

/phatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)

/fly (fly around without Pixelmon)

/nick (customize your nickname however you want with any color you want, (without special characters, must be appropriate!)

/pokeheal (heal your Pixelmon instantly)

/heal (heal yourself instantly)

/breed (instantly breeds two compatible Pixelmon and gives you an egg with a 20 minute cooldown)

/repair (repair your items for free)

/movelist (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's level-up and Egg moves)

/tms (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's TM & TR moves)

/PC (access your Pixelmon PC from anywhere)

/pokecolor (colorize your Pixelmon's name)

/tradesim (simulate a trade of a specified player's Pixelmon to evolve it)

/evolve (evolve a specified player's Pixelmon)

/hdb open (opens a head decoration shop menu where you can purchase decoration heads with in-game money)

Kits (NOTE: Make sure your inventory is clear when using a kit!)

Kit LegendaryTrainerDaily (24 Hour Cooldown)

5 Ancient Ultra Balls, 5 Gigaton Balls, 5 Jet Balls

3 Strange Balls, 3 Cherish Balls, 3 Max Revives

2 Full Restores, 2 Silver Hourglass, 2 Rare Candy

1 Full Heal, 1 Gold Hourglass

Kit LegendaryTrainerMonthly (31 Day Cooldown)

1 Legendary Crate Key

BONUS ITEMS (given once with the rank):

10 Shiny Non-Legendary Pixelmon Tokens

5 Legendary Pixelmon Token

3 Shiny Legendary Pixelmon Token

20 Master Balls

20 Fossils

20 Destiny Knots

20 Everstones

5 Ability Capsules, 5 Ability Patches

1 Shiny Ditto with 6 perfect IVs

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