Players Online
Name: Fantasy Trainer Rank
Price: 300.00 USD

FantasyTrainer rank in-game, on Discord, and on the forums

By purchasing this rank you are greatly helping to support the development of new features and projects of Hallowed Fantasy for everyone to enjoy!


Access to all previous ranks' kits (view those ranks for details)

/sethome x60

/nick (Customize your nickname however you want, with any color, INCLUDING Hex Colors! Does not include special characters, such as bold, must be appropriate!)

Access to setting formatting, colors, and hex colors on Signs

/redeemfossil (converts a fossil or covered fossil in your hand to its Pixelmon form and sends it to your party or PC, with a cooldown of three days)

/redeemfossil all (converts ALL of the fossils or covered fossils in your hand to their Pixelmon form and sends them to your party or PC, with a cooldown of three days)

/hat (wear any item as your hat)

/enderchest (opens your enderchest)

/hatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)

/fly (fly around without Pixelmon)

/pokeheal (heal your Pixelmon instantly)

/heal (heal yourself instantly)

/breed (instantly breeds two compatible Pixelmon and gives you an egg with a 20 minute cooldown)

/repair (repair your items for free)

/movelist (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's level-up and Egg moves)

/tms (displays all of the specified Pixelmon's TM & TR moves)

/PC (access your Pixelmon PC from anywhere)

/pokecolor (colorize your Pixelmon's name)

/tradesim (simulate a trade of a specified player's Pixelmon to evolve it)

/evolve (evolve a specified player's Pixelmon)

/hdb open (opens a head decoration shop menu where you can purchase decoration heads with in-game money)

Kits (NOTE: Make sure your inventory is clear when using a kit!)

Kit FantasyTrainerDaily (24 Hour Cooldown)

3 PP-Ups & Gold Hourglass

1 HP Up, Protein, & Carbos

1 Calcium, Zinc, & Carbos

1 Full Heal, 1 Gold Hourglass

Kit FantasyTrainerBiWeekly (14 Day Cooldown)

1 Legendary Crate Key

Kit FantasyTrainerMonthly (31 Day Cooldown)

1 Fantasy Crate Key

BONUS ITEMS (given once with the rank):

15 Shiny Non-Legendary Pixelmon Tokens

8 Legendary Pixelmon Tokens

5 Shiny Legendary Pixelmon Tokens

1 Seasonal Crate Key

1 Coral Texture Crate Key

30 Master Balls

30 Fossils

30 Destiny Knots

30 Everstones

10 Ability Capsules, 10 Ability Patches

1 Shiny Ditto with 6 perfect IVs

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