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Name: Fantastic Beginnings Bundle
Price: 25.00 USD

This is a one-time use bundle giving you loads of items to kick-start your adventure in the brand new Fantasy Region!

The Fantastic Beginnings Bundle consists of the following:

- 1x Fantasy Crate Key (each key randomly gives you one of 27+ 6IV Textured Legendary or Ultra Beast Pixelmon)

- 2x Legendary Crate Key (each key randomly gives you a random Legendary or Ultra Beast)

- 3x Coral Texture Crate Key (each key randomly gives you a random Coral-textured Pixelmon, with a chance of getting Coral OR Shiny Coral-textured Lugia)

- 1x Random Shiny Pixelmon (non-Legendary)

- 1x Ability Patch

- 1x Ability Capsule

- 1x Random Nature Mint

- 1x of each Power Item (Power Weight, Belt, Bracer, Band, Lens Anklet)

- 10x Rare Candy

- 1x Origin Ball (event/Pixelmon drop-only ball with 100% guaranteed catch rate)

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